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We can sell your boat regardless of its location, through our extensive advertising, and network of contacts. Alternatively, if you are looking to sell your boat even quicker, we have some of the best value sales berths on the South Coast or our exclusive hard-standing sales areas.

Viewings are always accompanied by our experienced sales staff.

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Tips-How Sell Your Boat - Quickly


There are two primary markets in boats:

Those in Perfect Condition that can command their own premium and Those that need TLC and they enter the discount market. How to achieve a quick boat sale .Prepare the boat for the new owner.

  1. Empty it OutFix it Up
  2. Clean it up

The Seven Keys to Boat Selling Success

Key No 1Make your boat the shiniest, cleanest, neatest, most perfectly operating like-new boat that the buyer will find, and he will be afraid to let it get away.Key No 2Make your boat so clean neat shiny, pretty, functional and desirable that the buyer will be excited to own it and will be proud to show it to his friends and neighbours when he takes it home.Key No 3When you go to the trouble and expense to sell the very best like-new boat on the market, you disqualify most or all of the competition.Key No 4When you are sell the very best like-new boat the buyer will find , you can demand and get a substantially higher than average price for you boat.Key No 5If you sell your boat as-is, you will enter your boat in a discounting contest in a buyers market.Key No 6 If you sell a boat with problems, you disqualify many, perhaps most of the potential buyers in the market.Key No 7To sell your boat in the fixer-upper (requires some TLC) market, you will have to discount it much more than it would have cost you to fix its problems yourself.It is important to decide which market your boat is in. In the brokers opinion a boat that has been consistently and regularly maintained (and that this maintenance is documented ) the boat will be superior and worth more money than a similar boat that has been recently fixed up?

Sell Your Boat In Thirty Days by Thomas Cook (recommended reading)

Buying a boat


Pre-Offer Checklist


 Before making an offer, there are a few things you should check:


Search for your boat with various search engines or yacht broker www.yachtbroker.co  www.yachtworld.com. , www.boatshop24.co.uk.   www.coastal-leisure.com .


Check that the boat is worth the price you are willing to pay. Have a look at reports for boats that have sold and compare asking prices with actual sale prices Yacht Brokers have access to these resources.


When making comparisons between boats, bear in mind that its value can be increased by factors such as vat included or not, condition, equipment  or even just being in a good location. Similarly, the value can decrease, for example, because of the previous factors.

Check whether the yacht has a mortgage or liens if you are using a yacht broker a yacht broker will do this.

Agree what will be included. Draw up a list of all items , the inventory, with the seller as this will avoid later confusion.

Remember that yachts do not have fixed price tags you can make substantial savings with a little skilled haggling over the price. It is important to get the opening offer right, as this will play a big part in determining the amount you eventually pay. Normally, the opening is offer is about 10% lower than the asking price, and the two parties take this as a starting point for further offers and reductions in asking price until an agreement is reached. Be aware that the asking price can be set high in order to encourage a higher opening offer than would be given with a lower asking price, and you are expected to negotiate.


The negotiation will be affected by various factors, and you will do better if you take these into account:


How many other people are interested in the same yacht. If you are the only one, you are in a strong negotiating position and the seller is likely to accept a lower price. If there are two or more parties making offers, the seller and their broker  will be far tougher during negotiations and you may be sensible to offer the asking price.


How quickly the seller needs to sell. If they need to sell quickly, they will be more likely to accept a lower sum than the asking price.


How long the boat has been on the market. If the seller is having difficulty selling the boat , they are more likely to accept a lower price. Check whether the asking price has dropped since it went on the market.


What season it is. Demand for boats are higher in spring and summer so prices will be slightly higher at these times of year.


Your own position will also affect the negotiation. A couple of factors could be to your advantage:


Have you sold your vessel? First time yacht  buyers, people who have already sold their own yacht and people who have nothing to sell all have this advantage.


Can you show the seller that you can access enough money to buy the yacht


Remember, if you don think the yacht is worth as much as is being asked, you can introduce this into negotiations. For example, if some repair work is needed and you think this should bring the price down, you can try to persuade the seller that the yacht is overpriced.


Here are a few ways you can become a better negotiator:


Make sure you know what you are talking about and show you know it. Let everybody know that you have viewed plenty of boats for sale, and that you understand the yacht market and how much the yacht should be worth. Asking well-informed questions is one way of showing you are not a customer who can be easily conned.


Keep cool and dont look overly keen. If the seller sees how much you are in love with a boat, they know you will be willing to pay more. Play a bit hard to get, and make sure they know you have seen a lot of boat s. Dont rush into making an offer; take the time to think about it.


Stay polite, however stressed or angry you feel. Aggression will not get you anywhere. Remember that if a seller has two equal offers, they will probably go for the buyers with whom they are on good terms.


It is best to negotiate in person, not over the phone. This way you can better gauge the other persons reactions to what you say and respond accordingly.


Yacht Brokers are professional negotiators be prepared for bargaining


While it is good to play it cool, dont be overly cautious or evasive, especially if you know the seller has received other offers or needs to sell very quickly. Assess your own and the sellers positions and act accordingly if your position is not that strong, worrying over a relatively small sum of money could lose you your dream boat.


Once your offer has been accepted, it must be made formally, in writing, and subject to certain terms and conditions. Ensure that the broker  and seller understand the terms of your offer.


Your offer can be As is Where Is   Subject to Survey  Subject to Sea Trial  Subject to repair  Subject to anything you think is reasonable. This means that you are not legally bound to proceed until the terms have been satisfactorily completed.


Specify what you want to be included, and what work on the yacht you want to be undertaken before the sale has gone through.


You will normally be expected to put a deposit down 10% is the normal figure.

On completion ot the title transfer you may wish to register your vessel.

Registration UK registration is cost effective and can avoid the difficulties of registering in some countries such as Italy, Spain Greece, France. The MCA actively assist European owners to register their boat in the UK. Coastal Leisure can assist by acting as the UK represtentative a requirement for registering a boat.

Coastal Leisure can register your vessel as an additional service, with the MCA, either Small Ships Register or Part One registration. Part One offers the most protection for Leisure Vessel in the UK. Loans and liens are registered against Part One registration and it is regarded as a more robust registration.

Any eligible craft owner can apply to register under Part I of the UK Ship Register.

The advantages of Part One registration are that you can:

  • prove title to your boat,

  • prove your boats nationality use the boat

  • as security to obtain a marine mortgage

  • obtain Transcripts of Registry,which show the boats previous owners and whether there are any outstanding mortgages.

MCA registration is available to European Vessels and they need a UK represesentative - Coastal Leisure will provide this service for a samll annual fee. Call +44 2380 332222 for assistance.

Eligible persons and entities to register

Company incorporated in one of the EEA countries
Citizen of an EU member state exercising rights under articles 48 or 52 of the EU Treaty in the UK

British Citizen
British Dependent Territories Citizen
British Overseas Citizen
Company incorporated in any British overseas possession which have its principal place of Business in the UK or those possessing European Economic Interest Groupings.

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